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Band: Cattywampus
Style: avant/jazz/grunge
Jhon Bellizia: drums/vox
Performances: in Pittsburgh and Cleveland
Recordings: the song, Annihilator, featured on "Litmus Test" the best of Pittsburgh underground album 1993 

Worked as a garbage man while learning to read music.



Attended the University of Pittsburgh, graduated in ‘98.                       Performed with the Javanese Gamelan ensemble, jazz guitar ensemble, and the classical guitar ensemble.


Style:avant/punk/jam band
Jhon Bellizia:guitar/percussion/sampler/vox  
Performances: on both the east and west coast  
Recordings: The Cattywampus Quartet (minus one) E.P. and The Double Album



Band: Bellizia - punkgrass. Gigs nationally. 

Sir Jhon album '06.

Band: Roberta Chevrette
Style: singer/songwriter
Jhon Bellizia: banjo, percussion, steel guitar
Performances: Northwestern U.S., with some national touring, festivals, radio, and t.v.
Recordings: Woman, Mother, Earth, Sky '04 and Miss America ‘06
Band: Ken Burnett and Mandolin Avenue
Style: folk/americana/jam band
Jhon Bellizia-banjo
Performances: Northern California  
Part time member of the eclectic rotating line-up
Band: Abandon Theory
Style: Hobo Ska
Jhon Bellizia: bass, banjo, guitar, percussion, samples.
Performances: Toured regionally and nationally
Recordings:  No Such Thing ’04, As Perfection '08, It Is  ‘10, Unobtainable (acoustic) '14,  Live at the Drive-in '16


Band: Be Brave Bold Robot
Style: indie folk rock
Jhon Bellizia: part time member on banjo
Performances: Northern California, with some national shows
Recordings: Self titled album ’07, Take a Deep Breath  ‘10


Band: Phillip Flathead
Style: folk/singer/songwriter
Jhon Bellizia: banjo and percussion
Performances: Sacramento and Davis California
Recordings: Four-Track Mind ‘05


Band: Estrum
Style: Progressive/Melodic/Metal
Jhon Bellizia: bass, samples
Performances: Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio)
Recordings: A Comforting Psychosis ‘08
Band: Jenn Leonhardt
Style: Singer Songwriter
Jhon Bellizia: banjo, percussion
Performances: Austin, TX
Band: Trainwreck Revival
Style: gritty country rock
Jhon Bellizia: bass, banjo
Performances: Northern California


Band: Arden Park Roots
Style: Reggae/Rock
Jhon Bellizia: bass
Performances: Northern California


Band: One-Eyed Doll
Style: punk/sludge/pop/metal
Jhon Bellizia: bass and banjo
Performances: Regional and National touring
Recordings:  The single, Weed, recorded at Sylvia Massey's studio