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First Step 

It’s been about 2 weeks since my initial post.  In that time I have taken my first steps on the journey back into the magical world of music.  


First, advances have been made with the actual music.  There are a few songs that have been getting worked on, with the biggest amount of progress taking place on  “carrot on a stick”  (working title).  The song is about my struggles with addiction, most people struggle with addiction mentality to some degree.  Whether the addiction is to negative thoughts…

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Re-entry into the Musical atmosphere 

I've never divulged much about myself, but have come to understand that inquiring minds want to know.   It makes sense that if a person “knows” you they will care more than if you are an anonymous persona that creates likeable art.


Bear with me for a brief background and then explanation for the change in attitude from privately guarded to publicly vulnerable. 


As some of you know I was a touring musician that struggled with an autoimmune condition for many years.   

The unpredictability of the…

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