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some Back Story

I have always loved music.  Some of my earliest memories are of my grandparents singing to me.  Growing up I would sing made up songs and bang on stuff with sticks.  What kinda stuff?  Anything really…trees, things I found in the junkyard, lazy boy recliners (great low end thud, not much sustain).

I began playing music in Junior High, when visiting a friend he got out a guitar and played a song.  A few minutes later his dad got home from work and joined in on mandolin, I was mesmerized.  I had never seen anything like that on a first hand basis.  They showed me a few chords and I was hooked.

The moment I had a guitar in my hands I was experimenting with sounds; sliding my fingers up and down the strings, thumping on the body, and making up little diddy’s.


Later on, frustrated by my progress, I taught myself to read music, enrolled in music school at the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with a music degree.

Since graduating I have played, toured, and recorded as a solo artist, and as a member of several bands.  I have contributed either bass, banjo, guitar, and/or percussion for; Estrum, Abandon Theory, Be Brave Bold Robot, Cattywampus, One Eyed Doll, and Arden Park Roots.